SustainLab RCA was founded in September 2017 by students studying at the Royal College of Art in London. Since the closure of the college’s SustainRCA department last year, the intention is to support and inspire the work of fellow students at the world-class postgraduate university who have an interest in sustainability.

Looking to the future we recognise the need to embed a sustainability mindset in the next generation of artists and designers, and we believe in the power of now.

This article by George Monbiot resonates with the motivation behind the founding of SustainLab; prehaps it could be our adopted manifesto for the RCA rebels with a cause.

We host talks, events and workshops at RCA, as well as running trips and building connections with other artists, designers, organisations and businesses on the leading edge of sustainable future thinking. 

SustainLab RCA is a student society of the Royal College of Art’s Student Union. Find our website here.


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