In partnership with ZSL London Zoo & the Mayor of London

In July 2018, I had the amazing opportunity of being a design fellow as part of the OneLess scheme. Over 3 months, we were split into teams to tackle different elements of London's single use plastic problem.

My team and I tackled the problem of 'Water on the Go'.

The fellowship amalgamated in an exhibition for the London Design Festival, 2018. 

Our team curated a small exhibit where we posted the a three part question; 'would you stop drinking bottled water if...

1. Flavour wasn't a problem

2. Packaging didn't look so refreshing

3. The largest mammal became extinct'

The piece was meant to be thought provoking, offering 2 different solutions to encourage Londoners to ditch buying single use plastic bottles. The first; a redesign of bottle packaging and change of policy in order to make it law that plastic bottles are wrapped in a label akin to cigarette packets that illustrates the immediate after-effects on the environment of throwing a bottle away. The second; a concept for a herb garden and water fountain to be dotted around the city so that Londoner's on the move could easily refill their water bottles and use herbs such as mint to mask the 'taste' that they just love to hate!


Halsz Staniewicz - Fine Art

Taj Aziz - Innovation Designer

Federico Truccia - Product Designer


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