Set by PepsiCo, this brief challenged my team and I to reimagine the future of breakfast delivery services. 


It was clear from the start that PepsiCo’s aim was to break into what they called the ‘healthy food market’. We were encouraged to use their breadth of products as the foundations of our service, which includes but is in no way limited to: Pepsi, Doritos, Walkers crisps, Naked juices, Quaker Oats, and Tropicana Juice. 


After raising issues of social responsibility within PepsiCo in regards to healthy eating and sustainability, the team and I decided to only use Quaker Oats in our new service. 


Through research we discovered:

  • There was a huge array of breakfast foods already in existence 

  • Due to the abundance of choice, consumers felt confused about what would be best for them

  • Participants all wanted a breakfast that was tailored to their needs and goals 

Everybody says ‘Live more healthily’! I’m not a nutritionist, how can I know what food trend is actually realistic and what I should actually eat?

Research Participant

The supermarket aisles are full of things that scream ‘I’m good for you!’. But they don’t know ME, it’s all mass produced

Research Participant

The solution:

Goalbowl - A breakfast service tailored to YOU

After extensive research the team and I put together a list of ingredients that are considered to have specific health benefits. We then designed a website where users could input their personal well-being goals (eg: build muscle) and it would generate a list of appropriate ingredients that they could then create their own personalised breakfast mix from. 


This project was taken a step further when we developed not only a digital prototype, but also a physical one of the cereal and packaging that included specified portion sizes and customers names on the bag. 


We even managed to sell a few subscriptions to some unsuspecting students at Imperial College London!


  • User journeys

  • Experience map

  • Eco-system map

  • Service blueprint

  • Service roadmap/evolution diagram



The team received the highest recognition from PepsiCo and was invited to present our work to their Global Chief Design Officer, Mauro Porcini and the Head of Design for Western Europe, David Marchant.


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